2019…what?! (4/13/2019) - Seriously, what happened to 2018?  It was a long tough year that’s what happened.  So what have we been up to?  Jaimie and Sofi are fantastic together.  A really nice personality blend.  Jaimie is sweet and calm.  Sofi is crazy high energy. Jaimie of course is awesome.  Sofi just turned 12 months old, so she […]
2017 Is Nearly Done (12/16/2017) - This has been a crazy summer.  I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to enjoy free time.  Too much day job stuff.  When I’m not working though, I’m with my dog. The boy is really maturing.  Fussing is good, jumping outside on the field retrieving a dumbell is good, bark n […]
Summer 2017, finally! (5/29/2017) - It seems like its been forever waiting for summer.  I have been training my young dog almost every day.  Now its time to get him outside and start proofing him on all the hard work we have done. Today we will be working on dumbbell retrieves.  Jaimie is pretty good at it! Obedience is a […]
Jaimie Just Turned 2 Years Old! (9/27/2016) - Jaimie’s birthday was September 17th.  He is really growing up to be an outstanding dog!  What a beautiful animal…not just staying that because he is my beloved baby boy, he really is beautiful!   He has matured quite a bit in the last 6 months, especially his obedience.  I have focus! Beautiful heeling and fast dumbbell […]
Winterfell Rottweilers is planning puppies this spring! (2/9/2016) - A friend of mine is planning a litter!  Check out this lovely breeding.  If your looking for a puppy, these should be great family pets and very beautiful and sweet.  
Growing up Jaimie (2/6/2016) - My puppy is growing up!  It’s so sad.  I miss that little guy, and now I have a very large, very active teen.  He’s a very big baby in a very large adult body.  Pray for me! Such a beautiful dog.  I can’t take my eyes off of him.        
Puppies from MacCree Rotts (9/18/2015) - Sadly, no puppies for me this year.  I am still raising my puppy dog Jaimie and he is a handful! A friend of mine just had a beautiful litter though and may still have a puppy available.  These are gorgeous puppies from fantastic health tested parents.  
Jaimie is 8 months old! (6/9/2015) - Last weekend we attended our first Sieger show held by Central Ontario Rottweiler Klub in Welland, Ontario, CA.  We had alot of fun.  Sad our friends couldn’t come with us, but happy to see a few friends we have made in CA when we go there…even made a few friends before the end of the event. This […]
Jaimie is 6 months old today! (3/17/2015) - Happy 6 month birthday little stinker!
Goodbye 2014 – You Were No Friend to Me (1/19/2015) - I cannot even begin to share the heartache that 2014 brought me, my family and my dogs. It’s done now. I am not even going to think on it again. Both human and fur-kind need a rest in 2015. I’m hoping that this year will be good to us! The only bright spot of 2015 […]