Summer has been bred to Misha!

We are so excited to announce Summer’s breeding to Misha. Wow what a boy he is! I first saw Misha with his owner Kelly at the Cork Sieger in 2013. He caught my eye. He is a very classy animal. He moves out with a very smooth and ground eating trot. His body is beautifully square and muscled in all the right places. He has a very beautiful face and head shape. His temperament is as sweet as can be. Such a great dog. I wish he were mine! Next best thing is to have a puppy from him. 😉

We’ll have Summer’s ultrasound done in 25 days or so, and will let everyone know if there will be a litter!

Misha group 4 win (2)

Misha’s Group 4 win!

Misha knows he earned these ribbons and trophies!

Misha knows he earned all those ribbons and trophies!

Working dog

Working dog