Let’s Talk Puppies

While I wait until a fall breeding, I will be gathering more info for my links and for my reference guide…which is somehow morphing into a book!

I’m lacking info on puppy management and training, so I’ll be adding a new section!  One of my favorite trainers Emily Larlham who runs the dog training business in California – Dogmantics (her website is dogmantics.com). Her Youtube page is Kikopup

Emily describes her training method as ‘Progressive Reinforcement Training’ which she says is an ethical way of training animals that involves no form of physical or psychological intimidation.  Always positive training.  I think her training is really clicker or shape training, but if she wants to call it progressive reinforcement, so be it. Like any training method, I don’t subscribe to any one way 100%, and I do believe positive training methods dominate my own training methods, but I believe in a balanced system that incorporates positive reward training with ‘compulsion’ training if needed.  Puppies though do not need compulsion! Ever!  That type of training comes much later if ever.  Puppies require love, fun, adventure, learning, games…all the things a human child loves.

There are so many things you can do with a puppy that will give it a great foundation.  I like Emily’s video on how to train a puppy not to bite How to train a Puppy not to Bite!

I encourage you to take a moment go through Emily’s youtube site and watch her videos. They are really inspiring!