Dreaming and planning for warmer weather

I have been in the house for 4 days straight without going outside much.  Right now it’s 7 degrees above 0 outside and it’s noon!  Even clear skies and sun can’t seem to break this bitter cold.  I’m so done with the cold.  I thought it would be good for my soul to browse through some of my photos from last year and dream about how much fun this year is going to be.

One of my favorite warm weather things to do is to go outside with the dogs and watch them run.  It’s such a balm to my soul to see them doing what they love – mostly just sniffing the ground and eating dirt unless your Summer.  Her heart’s desire is running, jumping, chasing balls, and earning a tug toy session with me.


She is such an amazing athlete.  This year we only have one more point to achieve for her Grand Champion title, one CD (obedience) leg to go and we could finish her Rally Excellent leg as well.  The rest of this year is going to be earning tracking titles and working on foundation IPO work.  Retrieves over jumps and A frame.  Oh and puppies!

It’s going to be a very busy year!