I’m thinking about Valentine’s day

I was just thinking about Valentine’s day… its a reminder to me that every day I am touched by living beings who love me. It’s a wonderful thing. My husband, my friends and family and also my dogs. Rottweilers love their humans so deeply, it’s hard not to love them the same in return.

My first rottie, Jinx, was so beautiful she hurt my heart to look at her. She was a large girl, about 110 lbs (way oversized!). She was a private rescue from a guy that had gotten kicked out of his apartment and couldn’t find a place to keep her. It was love at first sight. She was immediately my girl and I hers. She lived a grand long life and died a grand old lady of 13. Here’s a picture of her and I at Christmas time 1995 (Ignore the woman in the overly-large fashionable glasses!).

Jinx around 1995

Jinx around 1995

After Jinx passed, the silence in the house was depressing. We contacted Recycled Rotts and rescued Maggie. Maggie was from the streets of Chicago. She was only about a year old, and not a very confident dog. She was a bit of a fear biter when we first got her. Getting her into obedience classes really helped her confidence. It wasn’t long before Maggie settled into our daily routine. I kept her crated during the day while we were at work, and loose in the house in the evening. I worked it up to leaving her alone in the house while we went shopping on the weekends and she seemed to be just fine. The first time I left her out of her crate during a work day though…she must have had a party. The house was a mess. All the papers on the kitchen table were scattered on the floor and around the house, chairs knocked over, the corner table in my living room was flipped over and my stained glass table lamp crushed on the floor. I guess she needed more time working up to being alone! She never did that again. She is now about 11 years old and just as sweet as ever. She is a great dog!

Here is a picture of Maggie on her first adventure in the country! I don’t think the little city rott had ever seen a prairie. She was enchanting to watch as she discovered the world of plants and bugs and wide open spaces for the first time. She was the happiest dog I have ever seen that day.


This is a picture taken near the end of that fun day in the prairie. She is sitting with her one true love – my husband Bob.


After Maggie was with us for a couple years, we started to think about getting a male dog so that I could try other dog sports such as carting. A male dog is a nice complement to a female, and I wanted a bigger dog to pull a cart. We went back to Recycled Rotts and I immediately fell in love with Max. Max is my boy. He was about 6 months old and he was very sick. He needed to be placed in a home quickly as he was having a hard time at the vets. They were treating him for kennel cough and it was turning into pneumonia. I met him at the vets office where he was being kept.

Of course I fell in love with him!


I came across this fun little movie we made around 2010 with pictures of my boy.

Max is about 10 years old now. He is a biological mess. All his life he has battled ill health. He had severe hip dysplasia at a year old and now can barely walk. He also had cancer at about 7 years old. He has lived a long life for a dog that has had so much challenge with health.

He is the most photogenic dog I have ever known though! I have so many pictures of him. He is a beautiful soul and it shows in his eyes. Here is a picture taken the day we brought him home. He walked into the house and slowly surveyed each room until he saw the blue dog bed…Maggie’s bed!…he walked over to it, plopped down, and curled up and went to sleep. He was home.

Max's first day home

Max and Maggie have been a great pairing. Maggie wasn’t excited that we brought home a male puppy, but it wasn’t long before she started to warm up to him and even play with him.


I put this here to remember. Sometimes, life just moves too fast, and it’s easy to forget how you got to where you are if you don’t look back and remember where you were at the beginning.