Summer earns her BH working title!

Saturday morning on October 5th, 2013, came pretty fast.  Summer and I, have been working for the past couple of months on basic focused heeling, and patterns.  As I think back, this is the first title I had wanted to earn when I brought my puppy home over 3 years ago, so yes, it has been quite an adventure from them until now, and an achievement I am very proud of!

BH long down

Summer performing the long down under distraction during the BH test.

We were expecting storms in the morning, so I was pretty nervous when I woke up and looked outside.  Lots of fog!  I checked the weather, and it said the storms weren’t expected until noon, so we had time to get the BH test done.  We got to the field at 6:45am to watch the tracking tests.  The trial had 2 IPO tracking tests to do in the morning and one FH2 in the afternoon.  Both IPO dogs did a great job of following the tracks and indicating articles and both tracks were successful and fun to watch.

Next on the Trial schedule was the BH tests.  I really wanted to go first to get the test over with and also so that I could have Summer mentally engaged for the long down under distraction.  We flipped a coin and my co-BH handler gave me the option of calling the flip.  I called heads, and the flip was mine!  I got to go first.

I was pretty calm up to the point of actually going onto the field, but when we got to the starting position to do the on-leash pattern, I forgot to breathe for the rest of the test.  The judge reminded me later…she must have seen my face turning blue!  Summer did great!  She did the pattern without looking at the crowd at all, which amazed me.  She did the group heeling just great, and her off-leash was even better. The recall was fantastic and fast and she sat square in front until I finished her.  I was really proud of her in the long down.  When we heeled over to the spot for her to down, she sat down properly and then looked up into my eyes and I could have sworn she said to me “I got this mom!”.  I really love this dog.

Summer achieved BH at the 2013 NISC trial.  Thank you  Judge Little!

Summer achieved BH at the 2013 NISC trial. Thank you Judge Little!